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With nearly two decades of asset management experience, Plaza serves residential and commercial property owners throughout NY and NJ. Our value-add solutions are designed to generate more revenue, improve tenant satisfaction, and enable a seamless ownership experience.

Portfolio spotlight


Park Hill City

152-11 89th Avenue

Parkhill city, a 481 unit building, is the epitome of unparalleled luxury, minutes from the city. Overlooking Rufus King Park and the rapidly changing skyline of Jamaica, it is a mix of old history and modern design. Park Hill City Luxury Residences boasts of the most modern and state of the art amenities of our resident’s enjoyment.


500 Metropolitan Avenue

500 Metropolitan Avenue is a 60 unit building in the epicenter of Williamsburg. The modern residences at 500 Metropolitan Avenue provide an effortless and elegant lifestyle.


1000 Dean Street

1000 Dean is a historic 150,000-square-foot commercial building redesigned as the 21st century home for Brooklyn’s creative community.


65 Broadway

American Express Building

21-story Neoclassical

commercial tower in the

heart of Financial District


Ridgepointe Rentals

Fort Lee, NJ

123 lavish residential units

and retail space boasting

luxurious amenities


500 Sterling

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

77-unit residential property

providing modern comforts

and exclusive experiences