Rent collection

Get rents paid and processed on time every month with our diplomatic collection services and online portal where tenants make payments, view transactions and monitor their accounts.


Maintenance requests

Keep properties in peak condition with our expert preventative maintenance. Tenants submit tickets online and stay in contact with the building manager and super for progress reports on repair requests.


Financial reporting

Stay informed of your investments’ performance with convenient monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports from our fiscally savvy management experts.


Legal support

If necessary, have us step in to defend your investment in court. We can guide you through the legal process in the event of a lawsuit or landlord/tenant dispute.


Tenant procurement

Secure high quality tenants and avoid constant turnover thanks to our premier tenant placement services. We work with brokers to show your units 30 days prior to vacancy to ensure low vacancy rates and maximize the rent value of each unit.


Lease renewals

Leave the paperwork to us. We monitor lease timelines, communicate with your residents, and handle all docs, signatures and fees. We also run internal programs and incentives to emphasize renewals and save on turnover costs.


Rent negotiation

Get your full value without breaking their budget. Whether tenants are new or renewing, our friendly agents work closely with all parties to negotiate fair rents.


Vendor relations

Rest easy knowing your bills are paid on time with our efficient vendor services. We also leverage our purchasing power for the best rates on any services you require.



Monitor income/expenses and prepare for tax time with our accounting experts who keep a watchful eye on all financial movement throughout your enterprise



Effortlessly stay in compliance with federal, state and local codes and regulations thanks to our diligent filing of all necessary paperwork and accurate timeline tracking.


Always professional

Always personal

Plaza Management fosters strong relationships with both owners and tenants under our care. Residents know us on a first-name basis and feel free to inquire with us at any time.

Above all, they know our pursuit of cost-effective management solutions is never done at the expense of tenant safety, wellbeing or quality of living.


Have an emergency? We’re available 24/7